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Centre for Resilience and Sustainable Development

A transdisciplinary action-research centre in applied resilience science

Their Future, Our Action:  Cambridge Small States Policy Simulation Labs

Their Future, Our Action, is a multi-stakeholder research collaboration between the Commonwealth Secretariat and the University of Cambridge to embed a “whole of system” approach by applying the CRSD action-research approach to accelerate Small Islands Developing States (SIDS) access to sustainable finance, particularly in support of improving socio-economic resilience in the post-COVID 19 recovery phase. The focus is on the strategic question: How can we transform the capacity of governments in SIDS to attract sustainable finance to contribute to resilient economies?

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Our research enables:

  • Governments and civil sector foster innovation and enterprise to deliver social and economic benefits consistently.
  • Companies to develop life-changing products and services, build better businesses, create meaningful jobs, and improve the environment for the future collectively.
  • Decision makers to reinvent policies and practices to facilitate their institutions to move to higher sustainable and productive activities.

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